Main Services

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Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning services that will get your windows looking the best they can be. 


Screen Cleaning

With our professional solution and innovated technique we will leave your screens looking cleaner for longer.



We individually wipe down each blind slat with a damp microfiber towel getting rid of all that unwanted dust.


Window Tracks

We will clean your window tracks by brushing them, vacuuming them out and then wiping them down with a damp microfiber towel.

Additional Services Offered


Shower Doors

Let us clean your shower doors and eliminate that hassle from your life!



When we clean your mirrors the entire space will look larger, cleaner and more beautiful!


Ceiling Fans

We will clean all the dust from your hard to reach ceiling fans leaving your air and home a lot cleaner!


Light Bulb Replacment

Allow us to replace those pesky out of reach light bulbs while we are performing our other services at your home!

Service Plans

Keep your windows clean with a service plan that does the scheduling for you. We will schedule your windows to be cleaned as often as you would like each year and all you will get is an e-mail reminder to confirm your next appointment.

Rain Guarantee

We offer a 2 week touch up guarantee if your windows get ruined due to the weather. So don't hesitate to call us!